Film and Video

In 2012, I traveled to the Ecuadorian Amazon as part of the production team for a documentary about an indigenous tribe in the region. Captivated by the experience, I have been making films ever since. From educational and promotional videos to feature-length documentaries and television programs, I am an experienced producer, editor, and videographer.


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I picked up my first camera in high school, and I have been snapping away since. I love creating moving images for the screen, but I am forever captivated by the power of a single frame.


Since 2016, I have been writing for the Brookline HUB, a local publication that strives to build community through news, profiles, and editorials.


Part of my interest in visual storytelling had lead me to explore design opportunities. I have created websites for a variety of clients as well as designed logos, promotional materials, CDs, and presentations.

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