Brookline’s Jenny Amory Publishes New Children’s Book

The delightful and contemplative gracefully converge in Jenny Amory’s new children’s book Moon Walk. With whimsical illustrations and elegant prose, the book chronicles a nighttime stroll in which Amory and her two sons meander to a nearby lake where they become captivated by the moon. The trio sits on a wooden bench and gazes in awe at the beauty that surrounds them.

This is Amory’s first children’s book, and to write it, she called upon memories of evening adventures in which she and her two young sons would meander through their backyard woods to a sandy beach to observe the moon.  These “moonwalks” were particularly special to Amory as each walk provided an opportunity to connect with nature and reflect on the wonders of the natural world read more

Anita Jamieson Art on Display at HC Studio

Brookline artist Anita Jamieson is fascinated with color. She enjoys its many personalities especially within the medium of watercolor. Her paintings, now on display at HC Studio on Station Street, offer a vibrant snapshot of our everyday worlds, highlighting the many textures, shapes, hues, and tones of citrus, flowers, vegetables, and more. Inspired by the details within a piece of fruit or the shapes and colors of a cloud, Jamieson’s work encourages viewers to experience the subjects of her paintings in a transformative light.

Raised in Brookline, Jamieson was always interested in art, frequently visiting and taking classes at the nearby Museum of Fine Arts. She pursued a career in education, working in schools in and around Boston, first as a teacher and eventually a school principal. When she retired, she began taking watercolor classes at the Brookline Art Center. She has been painting ever since and showcases her art around town and at local open studios exhibitions read more

Brookline Teen Builds Lighthouse to Warn About Climate Change

Trick-or-treaters and visitors to the High Street neighborhood in Brookline this past Halloween might have been surprised to see a ten-foot lighthouse standing on the corner of Upland and Acron Road. The structure, which was conceived, designed, and built by 16-year-old Jamie Hintz, was created to serve as a symbol of our changing climate and threatened shorelines.

A curious, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic high school sophomore, Hintz is a young polymath. He is passionate about topics ranging from maritime history to architecture, and he is also an active performer in his schools’ theater productions read more

BHS Students Study Healthy Food Options in Brookline

The Brookline High School Food Justice Committee will host a public event about teen nutrition in Brookline on Thursday, May 10. The event will feature a talk led by Harvard nutritionist and epidemiologist Dr. Eric Rimm as well as a presentation by the BHS Food Justice Committee about a recent survey they conducted regarding nutritional choices among students at BHS.

The BHS Food Justice Committee is a group of 15 students that meet once a week to advocate for increased access to healthy food in the Brookline community. This includes learning where our food is sourced, understanding labor and agricultural practices, and examining the relationship between income and food purchasing power. Led by BHS social studies teacher Roger Grande, the club coordinates food drives for the Brookline Food Pantry, visits local restaurants and community gardens, and organizes educational events to encourage conversations about healthy food availability in Brookline read more

Meet this Year’s Brookline Chief for a Day: Emily Snyder

Eleven-year-old Emily Snyder enjoys playing soccer, ski racing, and working with children at her family’s local synagogue. She is currently debating whether she will someday become a pediatrician or a teacher, but on June 7, she’ll join the ranks of the Brookline Police Department. As this year’s winner of the Brookline Police Chief for a Day writing contest, Snyder wrote a compelling essay about addressing and combating bullying, earning her a unique opportunity to explore what it might be like to be a police officer in Brookline.

Now in its second year, the Brookline Police Chief for a Day competition challenges fifth graders across Brookline to write a 500-word essay in response to a question posed by the Brookline Police Chief for a Day Committee. Last year’s essay question focused on public safety in Brookline, and this year, the committee asked: “How would you solve a bullying issue at your school?” read more

Brookline Photographer Peg O’Connell Captures Everyday Beauty

Peg O’Connell is a rare film photographer in today’s digital age.  

“When everything was going digital, I decided to go backward,” she recalls. 

So, she went to the local photography store and bought herself a large format film camera.  Today, O’Connell can be seen photographing around New England with that same camera in tow.  Her images reveal a fascination with the everyday beauty that surrounds us, from vast vistas of beaches and open landscapes to the intricacy of fruit and flowers that adorn our tabletops. A selection of her photos will be on display throughout August at 450 Harrison Ave in Boston’s Sowa neighborhood read more

Ambit Creative: Local Printer and Much More

Peter Reed was a student at Bentley University when he and his father decided to go into the printing business. The duo opened a shop in Kendall Square, and went door-to-door to market their services, sometimes making over 20 cold calls per day. Twenty-five years later, the presses at The Ambit Works still buzz, and the company has grown from a basic printing company to a creative agency and manufacturer, working with clients in the Boston-area and around the country.

“Ambit” means the sphere of influence, sometimes referring to the territory of a salesman or merchant. The Ambit Works has embraced this definition as a reflection of the company’s comprehensive approach to fulfilling a client’s marketing needs read more