A profile on Leonard Bernstein for the public television series BSO 360.

Role: Producer, Editor

Based on over 80 hours of witness testimony, this feature length documentary film shares firsthand accounts of Holocaust survivors.

Role: Associate Editor
Production Company: Independent

NOVA special that explores what went wrong in Flint, MI.

Role: Assistant Editor

Music video created for jazz vocalist and trumpeter Christine Fawson.

Role: Videographer, Editor

Created for Roca Inc, this video highlights the organization's approach to transforming the lives of at-risk youth in Massachusetts

Role: Editor
Production Company: Powderhouse

A multimedia presentation in a life-size replica of the Senate chamber, this video accompanies performances of some of the most famous speeches given on the Senate floor.

Client: Edward M Kennedy Institute
Role: Producer/Image Researcher
Production Company: Richard Lewis Media Group

This day-in-the-life video highlights the online graduate school program at Brandeis University.

Role: Producer, Director, Editor

Rolling Stones keyboardist Chuck Levell hosts this series that celebrates and advocates for America's woodlands.

Role: Associate Producer/Footage Researcher
Production Company: 42 Degrees North Media

Cause I Run is a sustainable activewear company that gives back. This video was created for their successful Kickstarter campaign that helped launch the company.

Client: Cause I Run
Role: Director, Videographer, Editor

A documentary about revitalizing a tenuous relationship between man and mollusk, and the efforts being made to restore ecological balance to our coastlines.

Role: Associate Producer
Production Company: Independent